• Cobra
    A site dedicated to The Coolest Car Ever Built. Don't even try to argue otherwise.

  • Carroll Shelby
    The Man Who Built The Car. (See above)

  • The Futura Batmobile
    Man, oh man. This site covers every aspect of the REAL Batmobile, the famed T.V. show Batride based on the Ford Futura concept car. It's 14 miles to Gotham City -- step on it!

  • The '69 Corvette Page
    You think The Pentrators are obsessive about surf music? Wait'll you see how this guy feels about Corvettes.

  • Aston-Martin
    Another martini, Mr. Bond?

  • Austin-Healey
    Beautifully done site covering the immortal English sports car.

  • Sunbeam Tiger
    Yow! Small-block V-8 Ford in a body the size of an MG!? If it's cool enough for Agent 86 for fighting KAOS, it's cool enough for you. So get... well, you know.

  • MG Enthusiasts Page
    You gotta love MGs -- when they run. These sports cars come with high-powered babe-magnets installed.

  • Triumph
    Another classic British marque. Drive with the top down with a chick wearing a long silk scarf.

  • British Cars
    Every other British car maker you can think of (and some you've probably never heard of). Watch those Lucas electrical systems, though.

  • Ferrari
    Don't trust anyone who claims to have never lusted after a fireapple-red chariot from Enzo's shop.

  • Lamborghini
    More people than would admit it would push their own mother down a flight of stairs for one of these machines.

  • Porsche
    Volkswagens on steroids. Great cars, great site.

  • GT 40
    Cool page covering 60s-era LeMans racing, and lotsa links.