Welcome to The Southern Surf Syndicate's Video Command Center!

Fans everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Penetrators
first DVD release "Declassified" and it is now available for Pre-order!!
Enjoy the sneak peek and click over to the Loot page to order your copy today!!!

One of our all time favorite bands to play with was The Space Cossacks.
Not only were they great to hang out with, you knew they were going to
put on a world class show which always pushed us to be at the top of our game.
Here's our version of their gem "Red Sunrise." It's also available on "Declassified"
with a few edits nobody will probably notice but us. Enjoy!!

Here's The Penetrators' first video, Redlined, from the new Double Crown Records
CD Locked & Loaded. Featuring the double-pickin' asphalt-scorchin' original tune about
the ecstacy of acceleration and shot on 35mm film (though you can't tell that here) by
award-winning director Paul Mayne, Redlined is a thrill-packed travelogue that follows
the boys on a mission across the south while under constant peril from G.R.E.M.M.I.E. assassins.

Fortunately, our intrepid agents are protected by highly trained S3 Security Go-Go Guards --
we won't give away any more except to ask the eternal questions: You want gorgeous babes?
We got 'em. You want hot rods? We got 'em! You want excitement? We've got that too, plus
guns and booze! In fact, Redlined just may be the most entertaining film ever made.
We think so. See if you do, too.

"Redlined" © 1998 The Penetrators, published by Reverb Exports, Ltd. (BMI)

Here's a more recent clip of The Penetrators. As a lead guitarist,
Spanky's a bit more limited on his jumpin and flaying around but we
think in time it will come back to him. Regardless, it's good to see
the boys in action as they perform "50 Bucks a Midget!!"