• Phil Dirts Reverb Central
    The Big Enchilada. This amazing site is headquarters for surf music fans on the Web. Plan on spending hours here.

  • Moon Dawgs Cowabunga FAQ List
    Here's where to find out how to subscribe to Cowabunga, the hippest email subscription list on the Net.

  • Surf Music USA
    Bob Dalley, author of "Surfin' Guitars: Instrumental Surf Bands of the Sixties" runs this site.

  • Hang Ten
    A surf webzine from across the pond, brought to you by London's Dead Man's Curve.

  • Surf Music Hall of Love
    Exhaustive links to All Things Surf, including a tribute page to late Crossfires drummer Don Murray.

  • SurfDirect Surf CDs
    Can't find cool surf discs at yer local record store? Check this place out and revel in the power of the Web.

  • The Tsunami Soul
    Great resource for surf music fans, with lotsa links and a surf history lesson.

  • Sean's Shogunate Surf Page
    Here's a page from N'Awlins with lots of cool surf links and info.

  • Bette's Surf Pages
    Start here for a surf primer, hodad -- has several classic surf tunes in tab!

  • Continental Records
    Songs That Swing In High Fidelity! Continental has already released the 7" Hit The Jet Stream With The Penetrators, and will be releasing the next CD, Locked & Loaded!

  • Blood Red Vinyl & Discs
    Great label outta Portland, with The Surf Trio's Jeff Martin at the helm -- they included The Penetrators on Mondo Drive-In and Hot Rods To Hell, Vol. 2.

  • Norton Records
    Billy Miller and Miriam Linna have done more to preserve and promote real rock and roll than... well, possibly anyone. So buy from them already!

  • Dutch East India
    One of the world's premier distributors of independent releases, including the Syndicate's product.

  • Get Hip
    Ultra-cool label/distributor founded by members of The Cynics, also distributing The Penetrators to a store near you.

  • Del-Fi Records
    Home to Bobby Fuller, The Lively Ones and many other seminal surf bands, Del-Fi helped define the genre.

  • Dionysus Records
    Tons of great releases here, including The Boss Martians, The Finks and Thee Phantom 5ive.

  • Estrus Attacks
    If you're here, you probably already know about Estrus, one of the world's great garage/surf indie labels, maintained by former Man or Astroman? roadie Bookman.

  • Ecco-Fonic Records
    Deke Dickerson of The Untamed Youth and The Dave & Deke Combo fame has set up a snazzy site that's part label promotion, part history lesson, and all cool.

  • Sundazed Records
    Great reissue label that has rescued many a vintage surf band's master tapes from the vaults, including The Pyramids and The Trashmen!

  • Bear Family Records
    Another great reissh label, these German cats have put out song-packed platters by everyone from The Astronauts to Tex Ritter.

  • Cosmik Debris
    Fantastic Web 'zine from Seattle with dozens of record reviews, columns, and interviews with the likes of Randy Fuller, Bobby's brother, and our own Rip Thrillby.

  • Crypt-O-Rama
    Check out the online version of this Greek zine, specializing in surf and garage/ psyche! Issue #1 features interviews with Rip and Evan Foster of The Boss Martians!

  • Enter The Garage
    One-stop exhaustive links page for garage-rock web resources.

  • Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
    Maybe you're smooth enough to kick back here. Maybe not.

  • Zombie Au Go-Go
    If it's cheesy and cool, it's probably here. If that description fits your personality, why aren't you?

  • Cool and Strange Music!
    Delve into the most bizarre and swingin' sounds around! This 'zine covers everyone from Louis Prima to Hasil Adkins. Loads of fun.

  • Savage Magazine
    These Swedes know what's GOING ON, Daddy-O! Check it out and you'll know what we mean!

  • Sir Estrus Quarterly
    More cool Estrus stuff, with a great bowling alley tableau. Stop by and tell Dave Crider to put out a single for us.

  • The Music Trough
    Are ya from the south and do you have a band? Sell them online with RealAudio here!

  • Indie Web
    Great resource for struggling bands -- info on clubs, touring, promotion, releasing records, distribution, and more! About a million links.

  • SurfSite
    We figured with all this talk about "surf" we better link to real surfinf site.

  • The Official Wedge Page
    Site dedicated to, as Bruce Brown described it, the "dirty
    old nasty Wedge" in Newport Beach, and namesake of one of the top ten greatest surf songs.

  • Video Action Sports
    Your source for footage of adrenaline-crazed lunatics riding the heavies.

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