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Declassified - The DVD
Released May 008
Literally 14 years in the making, this DVD showcases clips from The Penetrators very first bar gig to the very last gig with Rip Thrillby on lead guitar. It's a feast for the eyes and ears of every die hard fan. Check out the preview clip in the Video section.

The Penetrators Return to the Star Bar in Atlanta!
August 9th
The complete line up is not set but we do know El Capitan & Thee Scallywags are on board!

The Penetrators Have at least one show lined up at Egan's in Tuscaloosa this fall!
November 15 th after the Mississippi St Game
We may have another Egan's date to announce soon!!

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Wishing you could learn The Penetrators bass line with all those other pesky instruments? Well Trace Luger has been kind enough to set up his own MySpace site where you can do just that! Click Here

By popular demand, here is the first edition of The Penetrators' discography -- we'll have thumbnails of the record covers up soon.

007 Surf Songs
Southern Surf Syndicate, demo cassette, Nov. 94

Have Reverb, Will Travel
Southern Surf Syndicate, cassette, Apr. 95

Dickheads (Dick Dale tribute compilation)
Solamente Records, 10" LP, Oct. 95

Thee Phantom 5ive vs. The Penetrators
Solamente Records, 7" EP, Feb. 96

Kings of the High-Speed Weekend
Southern Surf Syndicate, CD, Aug. 96

Rock, Don't Run, Vol. 2 (compilation)
Spinout Records, CD Jan. 96

Reverb Central (live compilation)
KFJC Radio, CD, Jan. 96

Mondo Drive-In (movie theme compilation)
Blood Red Vinyl, CD & 12" LP, Apr. 97

Spaghetti (Italian western-themed compilation)
One Million Dollar Records, CD & 12" LP, June 97

Hit the Jet Stream with The Penetrators
Continental Records, 7" EP, July 97

Y'all -- The CD (southern band compilation)
Cox Interactive Media, CD, July 97

The Penetrators Meet The Space Cossacks
Solamente Records, 7" EP, Aug. 97

Smells Like Surf Spirit
Gee-Dee Records (Germany), CD, Dec. 97

Hands Across Atlanta (Atlanta compilation CD)
Quixotic Records, CD, Feb. 98

Hot-Rods To Hell, Vol. 2 (compilation)
Blood Red Vinyl, CD & 12" LP, April 98

Locals Only (Atlanta compilation CD)
99X CD Compilation, April 98

Anubis (Croatia), CD, Jan. 99

Swingin' Creepers: A Tribute To The Ventures
Musick, CD & LP, March 99

Takin' Out The Trash: A Tribute To The Trashmen
Double Crown, CD, June 99

Locked & Loaded
Double Crown, CD, Jan. '001

For a Few Guitars More
Dancing Bear, CD, '002

Double Crown Records, DVD, May '008

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