• Suck
    One of the most savagely funny sites on the Web, updated daily. Taken over the top by Terry Colon's awe-inspiring illustrations, Suck's targets range from urban hipsters to fascist film directors. Their motto, "A Fish, a Barrel, and a Smoking Gun," says it all.

  • The Onion
    The only thing that would make The Onion better is if it were also updated daily, rather than weekly. How can you not like an online newspaper with advice colmns such as Ask A Frat Brother Who Just Drowned A Pledge In A Hazing Gone Horribly Awry?

  • Art Bell
    Everyone's favorite late-night talk-show host. Check in for your updates from the fringes of credulity.

  • Urban Legends Archive Urban Legends Reference Page
    Hate to break it to you, but you know that story everyone's heard by now about the guy strapping a JATO rocket to his El Camino? Sorry, but it's total BS. Read about it and more ridiculous modern myths at these sites -- some are even true!

  • From the Mind of the Poet Mystic
    Verse about Elvis in high school, by a not-as-talented classmate.

  • David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist
    A very compelling argument that the inexplicably successful David Hasselhoff is in fact, The Beast. Yep, that one. The end is near.

  • The Unarians
    This just has to be seen to be believed. Poke around in here and you'll see why -- makes Heaven's Gate look conservative. Imagine if Liberace had founded Scientology.

  • David Icke
    So The Uniarians aren't wacky enough for you? Well... did you know that all of Europe's royal families, the Rothschilds, Charlemagne and all U.S. Presidents are members of the same bloodline of shape-shifting, reptilian alien/human hybrids? No, this is not a joke -- the sincerity evident on this mind-blowingly detailed site, which includes quotes from Schopenhauer to justify its paranoia, will stun and amaze you.

  • 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't trying to kill you.

  • The Codex
    Some of this stuff will scare the crap out of you -- someone may be remotely reading your computer monitor right now by electronically scanning the radiation pattern from a block away!

  • The Smoking Gun
    Conspiracies abound -- the hook here, though, is that the site uses all scans of actual documents!

  • Wes World
    Tuscaloosa's favorite megalomaniac's new site! Make sure you check out the Bigfoot Headquarters, exposing the Sasquatch's reign of terror in West Alabama.

  • Moon Hoax
    Are you SURE we really went to the moon, sonny? Would you stake your life on it? How come there's no stars in them photos and how there's moon dust under where them retro rockets was firing when when they landed?

  • Bigfoot Field Researchers' Resource
    Spanky swears he saw Bigfoot in northern California as a kid. Judge for yourself.

  • The Edge Company
    Where The Penetrators shop for all their weaponry needs! Agent Thrillby even stabbed himself in the leg with one of their throwing knives. (Bad bounce off a springy target.)

  • The Sovietski Collection
    This is why we beat the Commies -- to buy all their nifty but rugged new-old-stock military gear online! You can get anything from Soviet Navy submarine clocks to KGB spy cameras here.

  • WatchnetFiner Times
    You aren't reading this with, God forbid, a digital watch on your wrist, are you? Why ruin your looks with a Seiko when you can wear a beautifully constructed and designed Hamilton or an Elgin wristwatch from the 30s or 40s for less than you'd pay for a modern chronograph??

  • Phil's Old Radios
    A stunning gallery of Bakelite Art-Deco radios from the 30s all the way up to streamlined transistor models from the 60s.

  • Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    That's Ian Fleming to you, chum. The Ian Fleming Foundation's site covers everything related to the man who called his own spy thrillers the "product of a juvenile mind." But it sure is nice to be of drinking age!

  • Evel Knievel
    The man who kept emergency rooms in business in the 70s, and Agent Twangler's surrogate father (see bio).

  • J.J. Armes
    One of Agent Thrillby's most prized possessions is his mint-condition J.J. Armes action figure, with Interchangeable Bio-Kinetic Limbs! Check out the full line from Ideal Toys on-- here's where it gets weird(er) -- the official website for the REAL J.J. Armes' private investigation company based in El Paso, Texas, the west-Texas town that also produced greatest band in the history of rock & roll, The Bobby Fuller Four! Make sure you go to the site's main page to see what J.J. looks like today, as well the photo gallery, where he can be seen hanging out with Marlon Brando, Jack Lord and well... see for yourself.

  • The Island of Bootleg Toys
    Why collect Star Wars toys when you could collect something much cooler: bootleg Star Wars knock-offs from China and Mexico? Hilarious site covering crappy toys of all styles with a focus on action figures.

  • Toy Ray Guns!
    Fantastic online gallery of plastic and metal buzz-blasters from the 30s and beyond!

  • Aurora Monster Kits
    Covers all the great Aurora horror and prehistoric-themed model kits of the 60s and 70s.

  • G.I. Joe Adventure Team
    In truth, the Southern Surf Syndicate owes much of its organizational structure to the model of the G.I. Joe Adventure Team. Kung Fu Grip comes in handy, too.

  • Die-Cast Cars
    Do you still dream wistfully of that Corgi Batmobile or James Bond Aston-Martin DB5 you had as a child? Do you still resent your mom for throwing them away? Check in here.

  • Archie McPhee
    More stupid novelties than you can shake a stick at. Fake vomit, flies in ice cubes and more!

  • Tawdry Town
    A gallery of sleazy paperback-novel covers from the 30s-60s. VERY cool.

  • Lurid Paperback of the Week
    Even more sleazy cover art!

  • Pulp Cards
    Yes, you guessed it: more of the same, but on this site you can send the art as electronic postcards! With covers of novels with titles like The Virgin and The Barfly, Pitstop Nympho, and The Gods Hate Kansas, how can you lose?

  • The Pulp Morgue
    Yet MORE swell exploitation art from the mid 20th Century! Recommended.

  • Wacky Packages!
    Dedicated to the coolest collectible stickers of all time!

  • Super Marketing! Ads From The Comic Books
    A gallery of the greatest ads from the comic books of yesteryear! Wow! Can I really get a live miniature monkey at NO COST?!

  • The Hostess Fruit Pie Pages
    An amazingly complete collection of ads from the 70s in which both DC and Marvel superheroes would vanquish their dastardly foes through the use of Hostess fruit pies, Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Ding-Dongs.

  • Gone and Forgotten
    An online gallery of forgotten (often with good reason) comicbook superheroes like Ultra The Multi-Alien and the amazingly misogynistic Iron Jaw.

  • The Art of Art Frahm
    "A study of the effects of celery on loose elastic," it says. Trust us: visit this site.

  • The Art of Coop
    A gallery of Chris Cooper's work for such bands as S.C.O.T.S. and The Monomen. Equal parts Big Daddy Roth and Harvey Kurtzman!

  • The Frank Kozik Resource Center
    Legendary poster artist's site, with tons of cool artwork.

  • Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
    Okay, you've seen the pupils -- now go to teacher's classroom!

  • Shag Art
    Tiki-Tones guitarist Shag is making quite a name for himself with his jet-setting canvases, featuring everything from Tabu heads to go-cart racing shriners!

  • Red Meat
    Whether you find these cartoons hilarious, horrifying, or both tells a lot about your personality.

  • Poker Dog Cards
    Does the name Cassius Marcellus Coolidge mean anything to you? No? Well, you may not know his name, but you undoubtedly know his work -- the man behind the famous poker-playing dog paintings. Send Internet postcards of them to your pals here.

  • Hawaiiana Traders
    Make your place rival Don Ho's with Tiki-themed supplies from this joint.

  • Melinamade Fabrics
    ... and when it's time to recover that ratty old couch, get some swingin' 50s fabric from Melinamade!

  • AuctionMap
    A VERY handy site featuring dozens of the dealers who regularly sell swank mid-century stuff on Ebay -- this site links to all of their current auctions.

  • Dr. Bukk
    Tired of looking too good? Visit Dr. Bukk for the best fake teef you can buy. Rip recommends the Eleanor Rooosevelt model, while Buck Bangalore has had stunning results with the Cowcatcher set. Now, if anyone knows where to get novelty contact lenses, please email us.

  • The Rise and Fall of Dorcus Menswear
    We guarantee this will be the funniest site you visit this week. From the good folks at The Institute of Official Cheer -- while you're there, be sure to check out The Gallery of Regrettable Food as well.

  • Degenerate Press
    Thanks to Frederick and the gang, Atlanta thrillseekers stay in the know on what's going down around town.

    A guide for living the Mid-Century Lifestyle.

  • Make Room
    Swell online 'zine dedicated to all things primitive and swank. Just what we like! Cool graphics, too.

  • Rob's Chop Shop
    For cryin' out loud, will you get a haircut already??? You're embarassing your mama.

  • Mullets Galore
    Speaking of haircuts, we trust if you're this deep into this website that you don't have a Mullet. You know the kind -- also called the Shlong (short on sides, long in back), the Ape Drape, or the Mud Flap. Warning: do not view this site and its contents, featuring such specimens as the Loch Ness Mullet and the Pimp-Ass Midgie Mullet with a full bladder-- you might pee in your pants laughing.

  • Top Secret
    These Miami swingers know the hep -- pay 'em a visit.

  • Mr. Lucky
    That he is -- hang out with him and you'll know why.

  • 60-Second Swinger
    Updates on the swank front for the attention-span impaired.

  • Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
    Wanna talk like a tough guy, eh? Pour yourself a jigger of giggle-juice and head here, pal.

  • Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing
    No source for cool, reasonably priced vintage threads in your neck of the woods? Check out this online catalog.

  • Greg Knight's Patio Culture
    Are your weekends a little lifeless? When was the last time you called up some friends, fired up the grill, threw some red meat on it and popped tops on few barley pops? Find inspiration for all this and more here, including childhood insect-torture anecdotes.

  • Frank Email
    Hey punk, is your vocabulary a little square? Do you wish your ramblings to friends and associates had a little more zest? Well, run them through the Frank Sinatra E-Mail Translator and watch them swing, baby, swing!

  • The Chukker
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama's oldest bar and site of The Penetrators' first public mission in March of 1994.

  • Dreamland BBQ
    Tuscaloosa's world-famous BBQ ribs joint -- Keith Jackson mentions them every time he calls an Alabama football game for ABC. "Ain't nothing like 'em nowhere."

  • The Star Community Bar
    Rockabilly/surf/garage heaven. The place used to be a bank, so they converted the vault into an Elvis shrine.

  • Sleazefest
    Chapel Hill's Local 506 hosts the annual festival of epic proportions, which has a web site that's just as big! Don't miss it -- tons of great info and links.

  • U.S. Speedtraps
    Screw the fuzz! Find out where the Barneys hide before your next road trip!

  • Eat Here
    A guide to where to get your gut right while on the road. There IS life beyond McDonald's, you know.

  • Roadside America
    The print edition is an essential part of any touring band's survival kit. Now your guide to the tacky, bizarre and amazing tourist traps of America is online!

  • Roadside Peek
    To make sure you get ALL your kicks on Route 66, check out Roadside Peek, which covers everywhere to stop. Of course, it will take you two weeks just to get from Vegas to LA, but that's what vacation is for, isn't it?

  • Y'all.com
    Red clay, fried chicken, moonshine and rock & roll -- we ARE Southerners, ya know.

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