If George Lucas can do it, so can we. One of the very first propaganda campaigns launched by the Syndicate on behalf of The Penetrators was a pair of comic books detailing their adventures in the field fighting G.R.E.M.M.I.E. Illustrated by Tony Brock, Tuscaloosa artist extraordinaire (send him mail -- he's for hire), a couple hundred of these pocket-sized pamphlets were tossed out to stunned crowds in Tuscaloosa free of charge in the spring of 1994, earning treasured spots on top of toilet basins around west Alabama.

They served their purpose well, introducing the public to both the nature and mission of the Southern Surf Syndicate, as well as outlining The Threat. The covers were in color, but the insides were black & white. Now here for the first time ever from the Syndicate archives are the Deluxe Editions, in full-color throughout, thanks to the cost-effectiveness of the Internet!

The Syndicate has considered continuing this series if public interest is high enough, and if it is sufficiently profitable -- we're not a government agency. Let us know your thoughts.

Here are issues 1 and 2 in their entirety. Issue 1 was distributed during the strike team's very first public mission at The Chukker in Tuscaloosa on March 25, 1994, before Agent Twangler was assigned to The Penetrators full-time (though he was still a full-time agent of the Syndicate, performing other duties). Issue 2 followed not long after. Click on the covers, and simply click the "Next" button to navigate through. Enjoy!

Best reverbs,

Director of Operations
Southern Surf Syndicate Headquarters
14 APRIL 97