• Agent Orange
    What needs to be said here? Agent Orange helped keep surf alive in the 80s, with blistering versions of classics like "Mr. Moto."

  • Agent Raygun
    Infiltrate these G-Men's HQ. Hippies beware.

  • The Aqualads
    Not be confused with The Aquamen from San Francisco, these ultra-trad cats are making waves in the mountains of North Carolina.

  • The Aquamen
    The hardest-drinking band in surf music -- no stinkin' hangover's gonna ruin their good time!

  • The Aqua Velvets
    IUMA page for one of the smoothest instro acts out there. Part surf, part lounge!

  • The Arch Villians
    Real, live teenagers playing real, live surf & garage music! Coolest guys to go truant from school. They're now scotch drinkers, thanks to our corrupting influence.

  • The Bambi Molesters
    If you don't think Twang & 'Verb is the universal language, then how do you explain this reverb-soaked Croatian band?

  • The Boss Martians
    The surf & drag kings of the Great Northwest! Stop by and tell Evan hey!

  • The Capacitors
    Never touch a capacitor -- it can kill you if you don't know what you're doing. Check out the world's first virtual robot surf band.

  • The Chantays
    If someone asked you what "surf music" is, the song to play for them would be "Pipeline," and the band who brought it to you is right here.

  • The Crossfires
    Another seminal First Wave surf band -- these guys later evolved into The Turtles.

  • Dead Manís Curve
    London's #1 surf combo -- these guys are serious about their good times!

  • Death Valley
    Austin, Texas' answer to The Man With No Name. Haunting spaghetti surf music.

  • Teisco Del Rey
    King of the El Cheapo Guitars, Teisco rules the roost in Austin.

  • Dick Dale
    The Ego has landed! The "King of the Surf Guitar", The "Father of Heavy Metal", The "Lord of Loud", The... uh, well, Richard Monsour finally has his own web page.

  • Dirk Doom and the Overdrive Orchestra
    High-powered surf from Great White North -- Toronto, to be exact!

  • Exotics
    No surf crashing in Milwaukee, you say? Remember what made the town famous before The Exotics and you'll understand.

  • Family Dollar Pharaohs
    If brevity is indeed the soul of wit, these Chapel Hill guys are the sharpest cats around.

  • The Imperials
    Check out this First Wave surf band back in action!

  • The Hollow Grinders
    You know the stereotypes about New Zealanders -- that they're just a bunch of sex-fueled maniacs interested only in beer, babes and good times. Well, The Hollow Grinders sure as hell aren't doing anything to dispell that myth! Salut!

  • Huevos Rancheros
    Canada sure does produce some great instro bands -- here's Exhibit A.

  • Inspector 23
    The Penetrators are a bad influence on The Arch Villians; The Arch Villians are a bad influence on Inspector 23 -- these guys are high school FRESHMEN in Olympia, WA! Stop by and encourage them -- the fate of Western Civilization may depend on it.

  • Jonny & the Shamen
    New surf band from just down the highway in Mobile, Alabama! Muuhahaha! The Southern Surf Syndicate gets stronger by the day!

  • King of Hawaii
    Mood music for sunburned tough guys -- even though they're from rainy Seattle.

  • Laika and the Cosmonauts
    Music from beyond tomorrow -- these Fins' tunes will drive you insane with their catchiness.

  • Malibooz
    A band that's been around since the Second Wave, with lots of surf harmonies among the reverb.

  • Man or Astroman?
    From Auburn to Alpha Centauri to Atlanta, the inimitable Astromen have defined a new level of showmanship, and blazed the trail for acceptance of instrumental bands in the South.

  • Joe Meek
    Everyone's favorite English producer nutcase -- the man behind the immortal "Telstar."

  • Los Mel-Tones
    From North of the Border comes the thunderous attack of Los Mel-Tones! Big big sound.

  • Mermen
    Psychedelic ocean roar from the Bay Area.

  • The Moto-Litas
    All-girl surf and garage from Atlanta, featuring Sticks' squeeze Leggy Limbeaux on bass!

  • The Mystery Men
    Yep, even more proof of what a swingin' state Alabama is. Check out the Heart of Dixie's newest surf combo!

  • The Neptunas
    Yow! Wish these surf chicks lived in our neighborhood.

  • Los Perdidos
    Our drinking buddies from South Carolina, bringing sinister twang and 'verb to stages across the South. No wonder we get along!

  • Thee Phantom 5ive
    Send bass player Toddamnit an email and tell him to get his boss surf combo a web page already!

  • The Phantom Surfers
    Legendary Bay Area prankster surf gods have been delivering the goods for eight years now, and are polar opposites of The Mermen. Just ask them!

  • Plank
    What's going on in the Pacific Northwest?! Another surf band, this time with a heavy punk influence, crawls out of Puget Sound looking for beer.

  • Pollo Del Mar
    Fantastic San Francisco surf band, and great guys -- they even let us use their amps and drums when we played Phil Dirt's Summer Surf III.

  • The Sandblasters
    Austin (there's that town again!) twangmasters worship at the throne of Duane Eddy.

  • Satanís Pilgrims
    Simply amazing avatars of Northwest surf -- one of the best bands anywhere.

  • The Shadows
    Join Hank and the boys at this Aussie site dedicated to the band that should have beat up John and Paul when they had the chance.

  • Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
    The late, great Canadian band responsible for for The Kids in the Hall's music. Big influence on The Penetrators.

  • Slacktone!
    Check out Agent Orange's Dusty Watson and Jon & the Nightriders' Dave Wronski's new band! They're trying to make the rest of us look bad!

  • The Space Cossacks
    One of the best new surf bands on this or any other planet. Ivan and the gang crank up the reverb, but stand in the Shadow of Hank Marvin, too!

  • Squid Vicious
    Austin boys with a big attitude, and the talent to back it up!

  • The Statistics
    A new surf band from the hills of Virginia -- it's not as weird as it sounds -- look where The Penetrators are from!

  • The Surf Trio
    These Portland cats have rippin' with the surf and NW garage sound since 1985!

  • Los Straitjackets
    The masked marvels from Nashville are quite possibly the world's tightest band! Incredible.

  • The Strangemen
    Truth in advertising -- these Boston surfers are very strange indeed. And very cool, too.

  • Surfaholics
    Ohio gave us Devo and Chrissie Hynde -- meet the new heartland sensations, The Surfaholics!

  • The Surf Kings
    Here's an envelope-pushing combo with royal blood -- guitarist Tom Stanton was a founding member of The Crossfires. (Check out his skyboards, too!)

  • Surf Report
    The real McCoys from San Diego -- high energy, massively melodic reverb thrills and spills!

  • The Swamp Donkeys
    There ain't a swamp within a thousand miles of Salt Lake City, but no matter -- check out the punked-up attack of The Swamp Donkeys.

  • The Tiki Tones
    Swank, Daddy-O! How 'bout a shot of exotica with your surf? They have an art and design ringer in the band, the infamous Shag. No fair.

  • The Torpedoes
    The fastest surf band on the planet. No kidding -- you have to see 'em to believe it. Cool guys, too - they brought an extra amp for us to play through at The Purple Onion with 'em.

  • The Treble Spankers
    One of The Penetrators' favorite bands, from Holland. We even ripped off their arrangement of Kraftwerk's "Das Model."

  • TyrskyKitarat
    Surging Wave Guitars from Finland -- those long winters make for some cool bands!

  • Gary Usher
    Here's a guy who has not gotten his due in the rock & roll pantheon. Along with Brian Wilson and Roger Christian, he was the architect of the swingin' hot rod sound!

  • The Ultras
    San Francisco hipsters bring a broad range of influences to their mostly-instro madness.

  • The Urban Surf Kings
    A new Canadian surf combo, proving big surf pounds in Halifax. Nice-lookin' site.

  • The Ventures Official Website The Ventures Unofficial Website
    No American's record collection is complete without a Ventures album -- and there are enough of them for every man, woman and child. Mel Taylor, R.I.P.

  • Way Out West
    The call themselves Germany's #1 Surf Band -- take a visit and see for yourselves.

  • The Arch Villians
    Real, live teenagers playing real, live surf & garage music! Coolest guys to go truant from school. They're now scotch drinkers, thanks to our corrupting influence.

  • Catfight!
    Great googly moogly! These Atlanta chicks are breaking hearts and making fans all over the place -- perfect balance of garage roar and humor, with a feminine touch.

  • The Fleshtones
    The world's greatest party band, bar none. Stop by and drop a line to Peter Zaremba, professional living legend.

  • The Hate Bombs
    Join our spiritual brethren from Orlando, four very with-it guys who incorporate everything from garage to Mod to even a little surf in their savage sound! Cool look, too.

  • The Mono Men
    The brains behind Estrus, this is Dave Crider's rip-roaring gang of thugs.

  • The Quadrajets
    Nitro-charged Auburn boys that will mow you down like a runaway Mack truck.

  • Sam the Sham and The Pharoahs
    How 'bout a little turban renewal? Sam has more coolness in one fingernail clipping than 80 busloads of "alternative" singers have in their entire bodies.

  • The Saturn V Featuring Orbit
    Ex-Phantom Surfer Johnny Bartlett's new band -- take a trip back to the early 60s frat-rock insanity of the Pacific Northwest sound!

  • The Woggles
    As they say on their website, because of the great amount of soul involved, many persons have confused The Woggles Experience with a religious one. They are not intended as a substitute for any faith or form of worship. Say hey to drummer "Catfish" Dan Electro for us.

  • The Blacktop Rockets
    Jaw-dropping rockabilly from Atlanta, with cool Link Wray-inspired instros, too!

  • Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades
    If Mickey Spillane had picked up a guitar instead of a pen, this combo might have been the result.

  • Buddy Holly
    Not Fade Away, indeed. Buddy's legacy lives on more powerfully than any other star of early rock & roll, and he was the first rock & roller to play the Fender Stratocaster (sorry, Dick).

  • Jerry Lee Lewis
    The Killer. Rock & Roll personified.

  • The Lost Continentals
    Atlanta's swingin'est band! Stop by and pay The Penetrators' drinking buddies a visit, and wish 'em congrats on signing with Landslide!

  • Poor Little Fools
    They be little fools, but they've got big ol' balls -- this is music to listen to while you read a sleazy paperback, with a gorgeous dame rubbing down your back ('cause you've been dancing with her for the last three hours while the band played live).

  • Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
    Steve Allen made fun of Be Bop-A-Lula on his TV show. Hep cats made fun of Steve Allen's comb-over.

  • Brazil 2001
    These guys could be any band they wanted to be -- punk, surf, even an Ennio Morricone cover band. Even better though, they're B2K1.

  • D.C. Moon
    Join this fellow Tuscaloosan on a nitro-charged punk express! Really though, D.C.'s just kidding about "when California falls into the sea." We think.

  • Los Huertos!
    Another former Tuscaloosan in exile in Atlanta, John Los Heurtos' combo lays it on smooth, daddy. Ladies, he's a bachelor, too.

  • Pain
    Fellow Tuscaloosans Pain marry ska and punk into the most action-packed union you're likely to see in this life, Jack.

  • Southern Culture on the Skids
    Toe-sucking geek rock from Chapel Hill -- what happens when Link Wray, Dick Dale, Hasil Adkins and John Fogerty get into knock-down drag-out.

  • Thee Upper Crust
    What a schtick! You'll just have to see this one for yourself.

  • Webb Wilder
    The Last of the Full-Grown Men and The Idle of Idle Youth. Kids, remember the WW Credo: "Work Hard, Rock Hard, Eat Hard, Sleep Hard, Grow Big, Wear Glasses If You Need 'Em."

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Penetrators, Penetraters, Penatrators, Penatraters, surf, surf music, instrumental surf, reverb, garage, rockabilly, swing, roots, ska, twang, Fender, Gretsch, Vox, Ludwig

Penetrators, Penetraters, Penatrators, Penatraters, surf, surf music, instrumental surf, reverb, garage, rockabilly, swing, roots, ska, twang, Fender, Gretsch, Vox, Ludwig