Oh yeah -- The Penetrators play music, too! Here, for your listening pleasure, are the sounds that make big men smile and little girls squeal with excitement! No cheap-O 30 second clips; you get the whole damn thing.

Tracks from Locked and Loaded:

MPEG 3.0, 2,841K, Stereo 3:01

The call to adventure... kicking off Locked & Loaded like a magnesium cannonball streaking out of the darkness, Checkpoint ECHO is a rousing, majestic prelude to what follows -- danger, intrigue, and most of all, action!

MPEG 3.0, 2,658K, Stereo 2:49

The Penetrators peg the needle on this double-picked asphalt scorcher -- a tone-poem about the ecstacy of acceleration!

MPEG 3.0, 3,678K, Stereo 3:55

Join the boys, in an uncharacteristically relaxed mood, on this journey into mystery.

MPEG 3.0, 3,042K, Stereo 3:14

We have a winner! Dan McNeil of Macon, Georgia is the winner of the second Penetrators' Name This Song Contest. We like the way it captures either of the two interpretations most often offered for it: escape or regret. What does it suggest to you? Give it a listen and see.

MPEG 3.0, 2,512K, Stereo 2:40

This victorious ass-whomper sums up what the Southern Surf Syndicate is all about -- if you need lyrics to figure out its meaning, well... you're probably not qualified for Syndicate service to begin with.

Tracks from Kings of the High-Speed Weekend:

MPEG 3.0, 2,457K, Stereo 2:27

Cute chicks, beer and football -- just another fall weekend in Tuscaloosa, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide and birthplace of the Southern Surf Syndicate. This major-key ditty features Agent Bobby Corvair guesting on Farfisa organ. If this one doesn't make your foot tap, there's really something wrong with you.

MPEG 3.0, 3.312K, Stereo 3:15

One of the most acclaimed of the boys' early songs. Melodie was one confused chick, of two minds. Does she go with flow, or alter her lifestyle to fit the fast-lane? Contrary to what some have suggested, this song is not about the mystery woman of the last days of the late great Bobby Fuller's life. Bobby's murder is not something we're going to trivialize.

MPEG 3.0, 692K, Stereo

Got kids? This one is from a children's CD called Daddy A Go Go -- Cool Songs For Cool Kids, a project of Southern Surf Syndicate operative and father of two John Boydston. John called Rip up and asked if he'd play guitar on this catchy little number, and how could he refuse? Expose young minds to cool music at an early age, and they're much less likely to pierce their noses and attend Marilyn Manson concerts. Visit the official Daddy A GoGo site to purchase the disc.

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All songs ©1996, 2000 The Penetrators (Luger/Stechkin/Thrillby/Twangler), published by Reverb Exports, Ltd. (BMI), except "The Thang From Planet Twang" by John Boydston, ©1998 Boyd's Tone Tunes (BMI)